Audiovisual is one of the fastest-growing market segments served by Quality Sound and is one of today’s most technology-rich environments; essentials includes video management and image projection; various forms of wireless equipment, loudspeaker designs and digital mixing/audio processing enhance the experience. Quality Sound is ready with decades of experience and cutting-edge solutions for this challenging environment.


Sales Engineer

Gary Roda, CTS

Joining Quality Sound in 2002, Gary brings a wealth of experience to this rapidly expanding market, including 15 years in the Music/Pro-Audio retail and Church Contracting worlds and 25 years as a professional musician.


James Bryan

In addition to decades of practical experience in the field, James holds a BS in Electronic Engineering and has designed and installed countless systems of all description during his career. He is a widely respected authority in the industry.


C.K. McClatchey High School Performing Arts Theater

Sacramento City Unified School District, Sacramento CA.

Hillsdale High School Theater Renovation

San Mateo Union High School District, San Mateo CA.