Our Staff

Contact us at 

(209) 948-2104


Gary Harris - Operations Manager ext.1015

Jutta Davenport - Office Manager / Accounting ext.1040

Bianca Tapia - Administrative Assistant ext.1000

Miguel Munoz - Shipping and Receiving Supervisor ext.1063


Gino Imbrunetti - Sr. Systems Engineer,  BSELCTS-DDMC-DRCDD ext.1050

David Pattee - Systems Engineer, NICET Fire Alarm, Level IV ext.1054

Greg Huth - Systems Engineer, CTS-DCrestron DMC-4K-E ext.1052

Luis Diaz - Systems Designer, NICET Fire Alarm, Level I ext.1053


Nicholas Rodgers - Project Manager ext.1060

Jamie Bender - Associate Project Manager ext.1026

Christy Costanza - Project Administrator ext.1023


James Bryan - President, Audiovisual Sales and Marketing ext.1010 

Marv Langford - Vice President, Healthcare Sale and Marketing ext.1011

Gary Roda - Sales Executive, Audiovisual Sales and Consulting ext.1074 

Bill Minch -  Sales Executive, Education Sales & Consulting ext.1024 

John Greff - Sales Executive, Education Sales & Marketing ext.1072 

Syed Zia - Sales Executive, Healthcare Sales and Consulting ext.1071

William Croft - Sales Executive, Healthcare Sales & Consulting ext.1027


Matt Cooper - Service Manager ext. 1030

Kim Gutierrez - Service Coordinator ext.1035

Norma Leon - Service Administrator ext.1036